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Why Branding Matters


In today’s age of marketing, many companies are started and built with no specific branding direction. This causes companies to have existing brands without identities. Without an identity, it’s hard for your target audience to make a decision on choosing you against the competition. There are many existing tools in today’s marketplace that allows you to create your own branding, or logo for little to no cost. The issue is that if you are not good at branding, or captivating your customers attention then it’s best to outsource to an agency that is dedicated to this very thing and or a freelancer. The reason being is that although it’s great to bootstrap a company while remaining lean, the opportunity costs of outsourcing in the beginning is well worth the effort and time. It not only free up your time, but it allows you to focus on your core strengths and competency. Attempting to be a expert at everything in the early days is a surefire way to burn yourself out as well as spread your focus. The Startmarke blog helps you create a lasting identity that connects your customers to you, your brand!

Creating a winning marketing strategy


Strategy is much more than a connection of dots. Strategy is the execution and linkage behind everything that you do as a brand and company. Here at Startmarke we think strategy first. Why so? Strategy ensures that your brand voice has linkage across all channels from content to engagement. Creating strategy first not only helps you plan for the road ahead, but it allows you to become consistent. With all the static in today’s current landscape of marketing and advertising it’s imperative that your brand identity stands out from the rest of the herd. Doing this right the first time will save you money as well as create an authentic voice with your customer base.

Building rapport with your customers


Rapport building is something that is often overlooked in today’s age. Rapport building is nothing more than building a relationship with your audience. This is important because it allows your core group of consumers to simply feel connected. Once a consumer feels connected to your brand through authenticity, it’s much easier to convert them as brand loyalist. The reason being is that it helps your customers feel important opposed to being sold to. Once a relationship is established through two way communication, now it’s time to start selling. Selling should be nothing more or less than a conversation. A conversation that identifies your customers needs and your solutions to solve their problems. Keeping it simple will breed much more effectiveness in your selling process. In your marketing strategy think rapport first and selling after. Not only will your inbound marketing increase via referrals and word of mouth but your pipeline of prospects and clients will too. The best way to do this is through your social media channels as well as web content and copy. Twitter is a great way to create a two way conversation with your demographic. From there offering promotions, incentives, and discounts for loyalists is a winning strategy to increase conversions.

Why you should have a marketing plan


Every company large and small needs a marketing plan. A marketing plan connects the dots to allow your brand to thrive. Think of a marketing plan as a navigation system and your company as the road. A marketing plan allows for you to navigate to your destination while avoiding future road blocks. This includes strategy, planning, and execution. With all of the dots connecting properly, you should be well on your way to achieving success. A marketing plan can be very expensive with the data involved, creative strategy, and insight. Startmarke made this affordable for startups and small businesses with a fully custom marketing plan priced at just $999.00! Keep up to date with the Startmarke blog for tips!